Steve and Scott in 1999


Read about how it all started in the Monterey County Coast Weekly newspaper: "Hole in One" (May 1999)

Image: Steve Bonar (l) and Scott Keasey Founding Co-Presidents

Current Status

August 2009

The Cypress Course arrived in October 1998, made possible by the father of disc golf, the late "Steady" Ed Headrick, owner of the Disc Golf Association, and students Steve Bonar and Scott Keasey (full story).

CLUB STATUS : The CSUMB Disc Golf Club re-organized and has been official since 2004 with the Student Activities department. Prior to 2004 there was little involvement, no disc golf class, and a lot of help from the local group, Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club.

DISC GOLF CLASS: International Frisbee Hall of Famer Stancil Johnson stepped down after the Spring 2007 semester from teaching the Disc Golf class through the Kinesiology department. Local pro Merle Witvoet now teaches the class, which Stancil began in 2002 and now has two sections. Look for KIN 141 (course description) on CSUMB.EDU/schedule. This class fulfills an activity course for the Vibrancy ULR.

In 2009, the club rename our courses "The Stancil Courses at CSU Monterey Bay, featuring Cypress and Oaks" in honor of Stancil and his contribution to disc golf at CSUMB.

NEWEST COURSE: The Oaks Course began in November 2003 and permanent baskets were in place starting in 2005. The Campus Planning & Design department gave us the opportunity to begin planning an additional course in the live oak and shrubs on the southern edge of the campus property, south of where the new Library will be built (see the CSUMB Master Plan).

Through a generous donation from the Disc Golf Association, Merle Witvoet of the Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club put in permanent baskets on that property. Unlike the Cypress Course, however, the basket debt for the Oaks Course is not being handled by the university.

CHANGES: Since January 18, 2006, a Memorandum of Understanding exists between all groups at the university that both courses are not subject to change without advance notice. Fortunately, the 2007 CSUMB Master Plan still shows both areas existing as "open space" (Cypress) or "native oak & shrub" (Oaks).

BASKET DEBT: The Cypress Course, our original course, is now paid off in full and is owned by CSUMB.

In Spring 2002, the CSUMB Disc Golf Club advisor, Greg Pool, turned the course over to the athletics department at the university, known as Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreational Sports. Bill Trumbo, the university's former athletic director, renegotiated the original contract with the Disc Golf Association to finally pay for the baskets.

The Oaks Course still has an outstanding debt of $4,500 but with tee-sign sponsorship we are close to paying that off.

TEE SIGNS: With leadership from the Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club, tee sign sponsorship on the Cypress Course began in the Spring of 2004 just before the CSUMB Otter Open, and this helped reduce the Cypress Course basket debt to $5,000, half its original debt.

Tee-sign sponsorship on both the Cypress and Oaks Courses continues, helping to pay for course maintainance and additions (e.g. tee pads, damaged baskets).

DEMOLITION: The post course that once ran on the north side of the basket course is no longer playable, due to (delayed) construction of the new Faculty and Staff Housing, between Second Avenue and Eighth Street (see the CSUMB Master Plan).