The first signs of construction of concrete tee pads have appeared on the Stancil Courses at Cal State Monterey Bay.

Yesterday (1/19/2011) a team lead by Kinesiology instructor and CSUMB Disc Golf team coach, Merle Witvoet, began construction of 27 concrete tee pads for the 2011 Professional World Disc Golf Championships in August.

The tournament will be held on courses located in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties and will include the Oaks and Cypress courses on the campus of Cal State Monterey Bay.

The volunteer team, which included 2009 world champion Avery Jenkins, Terri Duncan, and Paul Schlegel, took the time to build just the initial frame of a 10-foot diameter circular tee pad on the 18th tee of the Cypress course. The work was filmed by Derek Hastings and Brad Wirtz, who's film Chains is scheduled to premier at the 2011 World Championship and will feature the campus.

The CSUMB building inspector was able to drop by and discuss construction techniques as well as supply time- and money-saving ideas for the group.

With the success of this initial construction, the CSUMB Disc Golf Club will work with Coach Witvoet and the volunteers to create a schedule for pouring concrete over the next few months, working within a temporary permit from Campus Planning & Development. Many thanks to CP&D Director Kathleen Ventimiglia for all the support in making this project possible!


Construction of tee pad on Cypress 18, looking toward the basket.